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Well, it has been a wee bit depressing in the world of geographical education lately with all of these natural disasters. The beauty of being a geography teacher is that you get to help students work through their understanding of the natural processes involved in each disaster, hopefully giving them a better appreciation as to why these events have occurred.

To lighten the load a bit I have compiled a few of my favourite Google Mash-ups for you to play with. Hopefully one of these can come in handy in your classrooms in the next few months.

Dig a hole through the earth

The first is a simple map that tells you where you would come out if you dug straight through the earth. Where do I end up if I dig straight down? lets you select a location on the top map before the bottom map shows you the diametrically opposite part of the earth. A fun little starter.

In a similar vein, this mashup shows you where you would walk if you walked in a straight line in any direction – a bit fiddly but useful for showing the curvature of the earth on a 2D map.

The next mash-up from 360 Cities is a useful tool for getting high-quality 360degree panoramic images of different places on earth. Unlike Google’s StreetView which can give you images of varying quality and usefulness, these thoughtful images are all of significant places and areas that are unique.

Don’t forget that in each mash-up there is a search bar to bring you to a specific location; use it! Have fun exploring!

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  1. Helen Clatworthy says:

    I cannot access the links from your website at school as Ed Qld has blocked it. I have been told to make a request through MIS to have access enabled. Does everyone have this problem?

    • Mick says:

      Hi Helen. That is a bit of a bummer, I knew the EQ internet restrictions were severe but mapping websites? I hope you can find some way to view them!

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